6 Of Our Fave: Easy DIY Halloween Dog Costumes


We LOVE family costumes and this cute + easy-to-create costume is just the cutest! <3 

What you need (for the dog):

Instructions (for the dog):

  1. Measure your dog's chest circumference 
  2. Cut the white fabric to create a very large pillow. Ensure you leave an extra 2" spacing on each end of the fabric. This will ensure the fabric overlaps and hug your dog's chest snugly
  3. Glue all corners of fabric with fabric glue
  4. Stick velcro on the ends of fabric
  5. Wrap around your dog and there you have a marshmallow costume! 

//via Roscoes



Your dog and your favourite beverage all in one! ;) 

What you need:


  1. Size Starbucks logo (downloaded online) to your desired size and print on transfer paper. An inkjet printer is required to print on transfer paper
  2. Cut around the logo (as pictured above) and iron on to white shirt as per manufacturer’s instruction (see link here for video instructions)
  3. Measure your dog’s chest and cut brown paper to your dog size. Wrap brown paper around your dog’s chest and tape the inside of the brown paper. This is to ensure the tape is concealed
  4. For the hat: adhere velcro to the Starbucks coffee lid. Use white paper to cover up any of the exposed sticky portions on velcro

//via notey



What you need:


  1. Free hand a large circle on a sheet of felt, the largest you can fit – about 8″ diameter, with your chalk. You can also trace a circle if you have something big enough. The circle does not have to be perfectly round. Mine definitely wasn’t. Cut out the first circle and then repeat for all the other coloured sheets of felt by tracing the circle. These will be the outer layer of your M&Ms. Do not cut circles on the white sheet.

  2. Fold a circle in half 4 times (or into 8ths) and then poke two holes all the way through the 8 layers of felt about a 1/4" (1 cm) from the edge using your utility knife or scissors. Once done, unfold the circle. This should result in 16 holes around the circumference of the circle. Repeat for all circles.
  3. Cut a piece of yarn about a foot and a half long. Weave the yarn through the holes in a circle. You do not have to tie one end of the string, but be careful not to pull it all the way through. I put a small piece of tape on the end of the yarn to make the weaving process easier. You can also thread your large needle as well.
  4. Once you have weaved the yarn through all the holes, finish by going back through the first hole. Pull the yarn taut, so that the felt starts to cinch together at the top. Stop pulling once the sides start to stand up.
  5. Place stuffing inside the opening. Be careful not to overstuff, but make sure you put enough to give a spherical shape to the M&M.

  6. Once the M&M is sufficiently stuffed, pull the yarn the rest of the way so that the opening is closed. Finish by tying the two ends of the yarn together while making sure that the opening remains closed.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the rest of the M&M circles. 
  8. Cut out “M”s from the piece of white felt for each M&M you have (14). You can free hand or trace them, but you want the width of the “M” to be 1/2 – 2/3 the width of the M&M sphere (about 2 inches).
  9. Glue a “M” to the center of M&M sphere. Let dry.

  10. Cut enough strips of Velcro to have one for each M&M. Adhere the “hook” side to the back of the M&M and press the “loop” side into it. Peel of the backing and adhere the opposite side to the t-shirt.
    **I recommend doing this while your dog is wearing the shirt to get a better idea of how the M&Ms will look together when the costume is on. If you don’t have Velcro, you can skip this step and go directly to step 11
  11. Remove the shirt from your dog. For each M&M poke both pieces of yarn through one layer of the t-shirt using your large needle. Once both sides are through, tie them together on the opposite side to secure the M&M permanently in place. Once tied trim the yarn, so that you cannot see it from the outside. Repeat for all M&Ms.
  12. (Optional) Depending on how the M&Ms fall when your dog is wearing the costume and your personal preference you may want to connect some of them together. Do this by threading your large needle with a small piece of yarn and “sewing” through 2 or more M&Ms.
  13. Trim off the sleeves of the t-shirt to allow your dog to have a better range of motion. You can also do this before you start attaching the M&M spheres. 
  14. Trim off the bottom of the shirt around the stomach area. This way there won't be any issues if your dog needs to use the restroom. This also prevents extra fabric from hanging down. 
  15. (Optional) Using your yarn and needle tuck in any extra fabric around the neck or under the belly to get a more snug fit. 

//via Beagles and Bargains



What you need:


1. Draw large, long oval feathers on your yellow felt. Stack the yellow felt on top of the orange felt and cut them both out. Next, draw a curved rectangular shape on the white felt and cut it out.

2. Hot glue the white rectangular shapes to the feathers, then glue the feathers to one another to create a fan shape.

3. Glue a horizontal strip of cardboard to the back of the feathers to help them stand upright.

4. Hot glue a piece of felt to each edge of the feathers and attach a strip of One-Wrap Velcro that is long enough to wrap around your dog’s belly.

5. Cut out a gobble from red felt and attach some One-Wrap Velcro.

6. Draw 12 long feathers on your yellow felt. Stack the yellow felt on top of the orange felt and cut out your feathers. Cut 12 white curved rectangular pieces to accent the feathers.

7. Glue the white pieces to the feathers and then glue the feathers to one another into a fan shape.

Attach a long strip of cardboard to the back of the feathers to help them stand up straight.

Hot glue a piece of felt to each edge of the feathers and attach a strip of One-Wrap Velcro that is long enough to wrap around your dog’s belly.

Draw a gobble onto a piece of red felt, cut it out and glue it to a small piece of One-Wrap Velcro.

//via Brit+Co


5: TY Beanie Baby Dog Costume

Classic + easy! Just the way we love it. ;) 

What you need:


  1. Download a TY Beanie Baby Logo. You can get one on Google Images or here. https://www.pinclipart.com/picdir/middle/99-996445_image-result-for-ty-transparent-background-ty-beanie.png
  2. Size them to your liking and print. 
  3. Trace logo on the red and white felt.

    Image from http://brit.co

  4. Glue white felt letter on the red felt heart.
  5. Finally, punch a hole on top corner of heart - and loop the string around it to tie around your dog's neck.

//via Brit+Co

6: Lion Dog Costume

What you need:

  • Sewing Machine 
  • Paper 
  • Tape 
  • Faux Fur

We have found that Instructables has the best instructions on how to make a lion mane: https://www.instructables.com/id/Lion-Dog-Costume/

If you're not feeling up for a furry DIY - Amazon has some great ready-to-go mane selections here!  

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