11 Cutest Dogs with Celebrity Pawrents

We all know people with dogs are cooler people in general. They are funner (yes, that's a word), wiser and smarter. Truth be told, people who dislike dogs should be shipped to that place where they film The Hunger Games. 

Okay, okay. We kid. Jokes aside - when a celebrity has a soft spot for dogs, it just makes them all the more lovable. We've compiled a list of some of the most dog-friendly people in the spotlight. 

Some share an occasional photo of their dog(s), while some have gone the extra mile to make their dogs their own Instagram accounts! I mean, what's not to love about that?! 


 Lady Gaga Dog Koji
I know, I know, the vacuum’s mean
Lady Gaga and Koji
Follow Koji's journey at @stefanixdogs and @ladygaga


When you’re the only one not getting the joke. 
Reese Witherspoon, Lou and Pepper
Follow Lou and Pepper's (and Hank's) journey at @reesewitherspoon

Is this spit or water? 
Michael Phelps and Legend
Follow Legend's (and Juno's) journey at @msjunoandlegend @m_phelps00


dog best friend celebrity
Rehearsing our next scene
Amanda Seyfriend and Finn
Follow Finn's journey at @finnsite @mingey


Listen to me: I’m done with this hike. Take me home now.
Hugh Jackman and Dali
Follow Dali's journey at @thehughjackman


On bolster duty today..... oh man. 
Ariana Grande and Toulouse
Follow Toulouse's journey (and her EIGHT siblings) at @arianagrande


I think I could fit at least another 3 dogs and 8 cats on here...
Ellen Degeneres + Pets
Follow their journey at @theellenshow
Psst: Ellen has 4 dogs and 3 cats! A gal with a big heart (and family) needs a big couch. Her dogs are Wolf, Augie, and Kid


Don’t tell him, but I have never seen one of his movies.
Liam Hemsworth and Dora
Follow Dora's journey at @liamhemsworth

Uh, hello? Where's mum?
John Legend (+ Chrissy Teigen!) and Petey
Follow Petey's journey at @johnlegend or @chrissyteigen


Just... gonna... take a ... naa p n o ow.... 
Kristen Bell and Frank
Follow Frank's journey at @kristenanniebell


I hear her sister’s not actually a billionaire. Time to disassociate.
Kendall Jenner and Pyro
Follow Pyro's journey at @kendalljenner


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